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On Thursday night I’m attending a function arranged by NSW Young Lawyers. It’s an opportunity to farewell Renée Bianchi, who will end her year as President of NSW Young Lawyers. Renée has achieved her goal of increasing the organisation’s engagement. She now hands over to Emily Ryan, a solicitor with the Environmental Defender’s Office Ltd, NSW. Emily now assumes the role of guiding the 15,000 plus members which makes NSW Young Lawyers the nation’s largest body of young and newly practising lawyers, and law students.

But more than this, Thursday night is an opportunity to celebrate NSW Young Lawyers. NSW Young Lawyers first came into being in 1963 when it was established as a Committee of the Law Society of NSW. In the intervening 53 years it has been an impetus for change in the profession with initiatives including:

  • The establishment of community-based Legal Advice and Referral Centres,
  • The reform of Mental Health legislation,
  • The suggestion of a Disaster Assistance Scheme,
  • The Legal Labour Market,
  • Compulsory Legal Education, and
  • Mock trials.

Membership is open to lawyers aged up to 36 years or in their first five years of legal practice, as well as law students. So its mantra is to support practitioners in the early stages of their careers, giving opportunities to meet, work together, expand their knowledge, advance their careers and contribute to the profession and community.

Though 53 years young, it still has much to give. I learnt recently that its many committees[1] have many members and mass active participation[2]. Now there’s a thought! It is the inspiration behind the recently created Job Network[3]. It supports Student Hub, a site designed to assist law students and recent graduates commence their career in the legal profession.

So, you’re correct to think that I’m looking forward to Thursday night, and mixing with the enthusiasm, energy and ideas that are the future of the profession.

All the Best,

Darryl Browne[4]

[1] They are Animal Law Committee, Bushweb Regional Issues Committee, Business Law Committee, Communications, Entertainment & Technology Law Committee, Civil Litigation Committee, Criminal Law Committee, Environment & Planning Law Committee, Family Law Committee, Human Rights Committee, International Law Committee, Workplace & Safety Law Committee, Property Law Committee, Public Law & Government Committee and Taxation Law Committee.

[2] Why not join? The form is available at http://lists.younglawyers.com.au/register.html

[3] If you need a job, check it out: https://lawsociety.com.au/about/YoungLawyers/JobsNetwork/index.htm

[4] I’m a Councillor of the Law Society of NSW. I Chair of the Law Society’s Ethics Committee. I’m Deputy Chair of the Elder Law and Succession Committee. I’m a member of the Specialist Accreditation Board, the Futures Committee and the Nominations Committee, the Working Group on Future Prospects for Young Graduates and the Working Group on Elder Abuse. I’m also a member of the LCA’s Elder Law and Succession Committee and its Working Group on Elder Abuse. I facilitate the Law Society’s online Wills and Probate Procedures for Solicitors. I designed and present the Law Society’s Masterclass on Powers of Attorney. The views expressed in this blog are my own.

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